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Launchpad stamp of approvalThe YMCA uses gymnastics to give each individual the opportunity to develop his or her potential as a person – technically, physically and psychologically. We offer gymnastics for children from walking – 13 years, youth from 14 years and adults. Participants are given the opportunity to gain self-confidence, develop personal responsibility and attain leadership skills. They also learn to work together, respecting the rights of others.

Instructors, who set an example by their behaviour, attitudes and images, promote character building and ethical behaviour. All instructors are accredited with Gymnastics Australia. YMCA Gymnastics promotes skills for life and is the perfect building block for youth development.

The YMCA at Bowen Hills is the premier gymnastics facility on the North Side of Brisbane. Boosting a floor area of 800 square metres the facility houses a full sized Competitive Sprung floor and one of the largest foam training pits in Brisbane for maximised training safety and fun.

The entire training area and equipment have permanent safety matting to ensure all children are safe as they develop their skills. We offer a unique training system which largely promotes the importance and need for the development of excellent basics, correct technique, posture, shaping, stretching / flexibility and strength, all delivered within a progressive, structured and safe learning environment.

We strongly believe in the importance of learning safely and correctly from the first day your child walks into the YMCA Bowen Hills Gymnastics Club and as such, only deliver high quality classes and programs to our members



Gymnastics & Kindergym

YMCA Gymnastics - Gym-tots

Gymnastics is the ideal way to tumble, jump and spin into fun and fitness at your local YMCA! Gymnastics truly is the program to help children develop in body, mind and spirit.

We offer a range of gymnastics classes for children from walking age through to adults of any fitness level. Our youth programs encourage gymnasts to participate in a safe and structured environment, and offers age and skill based progression from kinder gym through to competitive National Levels classes. Our adults program caters for those people who are new to the sport of gymnastics (or sport itself!) while also catering for our advanced students (including ex-gymnasts, cheerleaders, tumblers, etc.).

  • Gym Tots (Walking - 2yrs) - 45min class

    Your child will learn through guided and free exploration in a safe & friendly environment. Various gymnastics based activities are learnt through guided discovery and group time all whilst music is playing allowing your child to gain increased body awareness and confidence. This Guardian assisted class inspires your child to explore, climb, roll, balance and swing.

  • Tiny Tumblers (2 & 3yrs old) - 1 hour class

    1 hour class – Learning gymnastics skills through guided exploration your toddler will gain confidence with increased body and spatial awareness whilst learning locomotive, rotation, spring, swing, coordination and other various gymnastics activities. This is a structured guardian assisted class helping your child learn the importance of following instructions and waiting for turns all whilst developing social and emotional skills.

  • Prep Ready & Prep Start

    This is an unassisted structured class based on learning through gymnastic activities focusing on quality with our shapes whilst having fun. Your child will learn key development skills such as team work, turn taking, coordination, spatial awareness and body control. Every two weeks the activities change focusing on different areas of the gym to get the complete gymnastics experience.

  • Steps 1-6

    The Steps program provides our gymnasts the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to progress through the National Levels Program (NLP) an initiative of Gymnastics Australia. The NLP is a 10 step program commencing at step 1 and progressing to step 10 (equivalent to international gymnastics). Gymnasts participating in this program are provided with competition opportunities at local, regional, state and national competitions. 48 week stage program broken up into 12 week blocks focussing on key skills and coordination activities. Assessments are conducted at the end of the 12 week block and a certificate is awarded with the gymnasts’ progress. These programs are based on the levels system which allows your child to develop key gymnastics skills to continue through the stages program or transition to our levels programs. Read More +
  • Adult Gym Start

    Gym Start is a one hour lesson for adults of all ages who are new to the sport of gymnastics. The class involves a mix of strength and conditioning along with learning and refining basic gymnastics skills. Each week focuses on floor tumbling and one additional apparatus.

  • Adult Tumbling

    These classes are available by selection only for adults who have a background in gymnastics or have mastered the basics in our Gym Start program. Advanced tumbling is a one hour class focusing on learning and connecting skills on floor and trampoline. Advanced Apparatus is an hour and a half class which works on all the artistic gymnastics apparatus. Both classes also involve relevant strength and conditioning for gymnastics.

    Read More +
  • Competitive Levels and Squads

    By assessment please contact the club. Read More +
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Our gymnastics clubs as you can see offer both recreational and competitive streams of gymnastics training. This enables us to cater for those who wish to participate simply for the enjoyment, as well as those who wish to compete at a club, regional or state level.

Our clubs (Except the Redlands Club) are registered with Gymnastics Qld and are rated a 'Star 3 Club' (National Standard) within the Gymnastics Australia Club 10 framework. This means that we a adhere to a strict set of guidelines for club management, coach education, and program implementation set out by Gymnastics Australia helping us to provide your children with the best possible classes. All our coaches are accredited with Gymnastics Australia and hold a current Blue card for working with children and a current Senior First Aid Qualification.



Kids Club

At Bowen Hills we offer a Kids Club service aim is to provide quality care and activities to children aged 6weeks and over while their parents participate in activities within the center. We pride ourselves in providing safe, high quality care and developmental opportunities for young children attending our Kids Club.



Birthday Parties

YMCA Birthday Parties

Treat your child to the best Birthday party in town without having to worry about keeping the kids entertained or cleaning up afterwards! Our qualified and fully trained staff will entertain your child’s guests with endless games and fun in the soft-fall areas of our gymnastics stadium.

  • What Can You Expect at a YMCA Birthday Party?

    The YMCA provides a 2-hour gymnastics-themed party! We’ll keep the kids busy with games and gymnastics activities - all you need to do is sit back and relax!

  • What’s included?

  • Costs

    • Minimum 12 children inclusive of the birthday child
    • $20 per child (food and birthday cake not included)
  • How Do I Make A Booking?

    It’s simple! Complete our Birthday Party Booking Request Form

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