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Gymnastics & Kindergym

Gymnastics is the ideal way to tumble, jump and spin into fun and fitnessat your local YMCA! Gymnastics truly is the program to help children develop in body, mind and spirit.

We offer a range of gymnastics classes for children from the age of 15 months. Our programs encourage children to participate in a safe, structured and child friendly environment, and offers age and skill based progression from kinder gym through to competitive National Levels classes.

  • Tumble Tots (10-24 months)

    Toddlers attend this class which en-courages natural development, in a stimulating and social atmosphere. Tumble Tots also helps to prepare children with the basic movement skills to move to our Gym Tots Classes.
  • Gym Tots (2 - 4 years)

    YMCA Gymnastics - Gym Tots

    Children attend with a parent (or other adults) for a stimulating 45 minute movement and play experience with opportunities to explore and develop their physical abilities. Activities include gross motor skills such as running, jumping, hopping, hanging, climbing, rolling, balancing and swinging, plus many finer motor activities to stimulate foot/hand/eye co-ordination, all in a safe environment. Children benefit by developing self-confidence, body awareness and body control while laying good foundations of balance, agility and general physical co-ordination.

  • Mini Gym (4 -5 years)

    This program is an extension of Gym Tots, where the parents do not actively participate in the classes. Mini gym helps the development of motor control including co-ordination and balance, increased body awareness, and enhanced social development eg. Learning to share and take turns and the ability to follow instructions.
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School Aged

  • Prep (5-6 years Caloundra)

    This program is designed especially for chil-dren attending prep at school. It is an exten-sion of the Mini Gym program but is not quite as advanced as our Gymfun classes. Prep focuses on balance, co-ordination and the basics skills of gymnastics. This class prepares children for our STEPS program.
  • Non-competitive gymnastics - STEPS 1 to 6

    Six STEPS of non-competitive skill learning and incredible fitness development. Students are to be able to move through our steps program at their pace, but will be constantly motivated to reach for new levels of skill and experience.

    Reports and awards are given for a student's individual skill learning and achievement. Our emphasis is on the the gymnast's skill improvements on their way to mastery.
  • Competitive Gymnastics

    Competitive teams - Womens's and Men's Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics
    Our competitive teams programs provide an opportunity for members to train, perform and compete in the Australian National Levelsd (Level 3-10) at local, regional, National, and International tour events. There are five STEPS of ability based on competitive skill development including the National Levels 3-10 and above.

    Competitive class attendance is a great privilege and carries with it many benefits and responsibilities. Gymnasts will participate in local, regoinal, state and national events.
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