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Victoria Point YMCA

Our state of the art Gymnastics Stadium, (1050sqm) features one of the world’s best in-ground gymnastics pit designs from Janssen Fritsen. Our facility includes a 12mt tumble trampoline, foam pit trampoline and multiple apparatus sets with pit entry for vault, tumbling, beam and women’s bar. With an upgrade of over $200,000 our centre also features a toddler activity area with a wide range of foam modules and creative teaching equipment.

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The YMCA Victoria Point is in the business of lifelong education, personal and physical development via child centred movement programs.

Gymnastics provides many benefits to children’s growth and development. The package of benefits offered by gymnastics participation can enrich and physically educate the lives of its participants in ways that are difficult to achieve through most other activities and sports (Sands, 2003). Participation in gymnastics should be recommended as a positive foundational activity for school-aged children.

At the YMCA Victoria Point Gymnastics Club we offer comprehensive programs including Preschool, Cross-sport Fitness and Life-long performance & Fitness Classes, Non-competitive Classes and Competitive Women's Artistic Gymnastics. At the YMCA Victoria point Gymnastics Club we provide quality gymnastics programs for all our members, based on a sound educational foundation. As you can see our Gymnastics program offers a full range of recreational; and competitive experiences for your child; ensuring a stimulating gymnastics learning outcome at a developmental level through to State and National Competition.

We believe that Gymnastics is among the best physical education a person can receive. Our students of any age & gender can experience a seamless pathway of gymnastics development across four programs:

  • Under 5s
  • Non-competitive
  • Competitive Teams
  • Cross-sport fitness & Life-long performance & fitness

What to expect about our classes

Our classes are structured, teacher-directed and disciplined. All our class members need to be able to take instructions and work in groups and pairs. Classes are not play-groups and are for the purpose of skill instruction and physical fitness.

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Our Programs

Under 5's
A movement education and skill program for toddlers, infants and preps’. In all the Under 5s classes, children attend with a participating parent (one child to one parent-carer) up to 3 years of age. Under 5s skill learning is experiential, age-based and developmental. Our Prep members participate in a more structured skills class without parent involvement.

Non competetive gymnasticsNon-competitive classes
Six STEPS of non-competitive skill learning and incredible fitness development. Students are be able to move through our steps program at their pace, but will be constantly motivated to reach for new levels of skill and experience.

Reports and awards are given for a student’s individual skill learning and achievement. Our emphasis is on the gymnast’s skill improvements on their way to mastery.

Competitive teams - Womens Artistic Gymnastics
Our competitive teams programs provide an opportunity for members to train, perform and compete in the Australian National Levels (Level 3-10) at local, regional, state, National, and International tour events. There are five STEPS of ability based competitive skill development including the National Levels 3-10 and above.

Competitive class attendance is a great privilege and carries with it many benefits and responsibilities. Gymnasts will participate in local, regional, state and national events.

Competetive gymnastics

Cross-sport fitness and Life-long performance & fitness
Gymnastics for fitnessGymnastics training is a highly effective vehicle for fitness development for other sports and performance arts. Gymnastics participation is also a wonderful life-time fitness activity for any person. The variety of activities and “fields of play” are broad and ideal for adults from teens to seniors. We offer Adult gymnastic fitness classes, Tumbling classes, Gym Fit classes for boys and girls, and Team Gym Competition Classes.

Birthday Parties

Treat your child to the best Birthday party in town without having to worry about keeping the kids entertained or cleaning up afterwards! Our qualified and fully trained staff will entertain your child’s guests with endless games and fun in the soft-fall areas of our gymnastics stadium and our jumping castle. The YMCA provides a 2-hour gymnastics-themed party! We’ll keep the kids busy with games and gymnastics activities - all you need to do is sit back and relax! We can even do the catering – including the cake!